Fly Corp (2021 Game)

Simple Airline Management Simulation Game

Dorfromantik (Puzzle Game)

Peaceful Tiled Building Puzzle Game

Reactor Tech (Upcoming Game)

Reactor Management Simulation Game

Unite (Strategy Game)

Abstract Strategy Game

Lotus Bloom (Puzzle Game)

Simple Relaxing Connection Puzzle Game

Re:Call (Upcoming Game)

Choose Your Own Memory Game

the Sequence [2] (Upcoming Game)

Processing Mover Puzzle Game

Lightwave (Game)

Fast Retro 2D Platformer

Justice.exe (Upcoming Game)

Future AI Sentient Defense Attorney Simulation

UnMetal (Upcoming 2021 Game)

Tactical Stealth Comedy

One Dreamer (Upcoming 2021 Game)

Game Developer Drama Game with Pixel Art and Coding

Chip's Challenge

Retro Chip Related Puzzle Solving Game

Neon Noodles (2020)

Programming Kitchen Robot Puzzle Game

Desktop Farm

Very simple Live wallpaper farming game

Transport INC

Simple Transportation Management Strategy Game

Core Defense (2020)

Computer Core protection Tower Defense