Neon Noodles (2020)

Programming Kitchen Robot Puzzle Game

Desktop Farm

Very simple Live wallpaper farming game

Transport INC

Simple Transportation Management Strategy Game

Core Defense (2020)

Computer Core protection Tower Defense

Raft (2018)

Sea Drifted simple survival game

Townscaper (2020)

Simple town building sandbox game

Eliza (2019)

AI-based Mental Health consultant visual novel


A Fantasy Storybook styled board based Strategy RPG

Stranded Sails (2019), RPG Survival dengan sentuhan Western...

Island-Exploring Survival Crafting RPG

Littlewood (2019)

Peacefully town building RPG


Shopkeeping Action RPG

Aground (Indie Game)

A Crafting/Survival RPG with pixel art and outstanding 2D environment